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I don't know how to describe my level of know how with css, and my question is probably very off topic. I think there should be an easier way to find support for troubleshooting. My question leans more toward a need for a hacking solution rather than a what-am-I-doing-wrong assist.

My objective is to have maploco display on my profile with all the hits received from people who enter my slavezombie blog. I have included the necessary code, the <img src… display code as well as the <a href… code, in the main lj page, although I've hidden the map image behind a layer, and the link displays as part of the menu section of my blog. This seems to have worked before, but somewhere in my query I've read that maploco reserves the right to disrupt visitor display on the map if an account holder is found to be hacking by receiving visitor counts from several different URLs.

Is there a way to trick the maploco server so that the visitors I receive are displayed in the profile area of my lj account that I specify? The technique I'm using, or something similar, use to work fine. Then I noticed that I was receiving visits that the map was NOT updating and I began to troubleshoot it. At this point, I receive zero visitation icons on the map image, while the visitation list continues to keep count.

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