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Tables within CSS sheets

I'm very new to CSS, so I have a question:

When I used to make websites using HTML, I would "cut" up my banner image into smaller segments and then reassemble them using a table.

I wanted to take my current banner, "cut out" the top left corner and insert a small animated .gif in that corner, with the same color background in the cell..

Is it possible to do this with CSS, and if so, how?

Currently, this is the code I am using (thanks to cartonage and their LJ - I would ask for their help, but they are on hiatus ^_^)



   Header - you can add a header image with either #header or .headerimage



            #header {

                        width: 100%;

                        padding: 10px 0px 20px 0px;

                        margin: 0px;

                        text-align: center;

                        font-family: "Verdana", "Lucida Sans";

                        font-size: 12px;

                        font-weight: bold;

                        letter-spacing: 2px;

                        border-style: solid;

                        border-color: #00B0C7;

                        border-width: 1px;

                        background-color: #000000;

                        color: #FFFFFF;




            .headerimage {

                        position: relative;

                        width:  800px;

                        height: 400px;

                        margin-left: auto;

                        margin-right: auto;

                        margin-bottom: 20px;


                        background-repeat: no-repeat;



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